Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morning Motivation Day 3

We were blessed this morning!!!  I can't say "thank you" enough to our guest speaker, Jenny from A Mother's Heritage.
Her topic was "How to keep going joyfully when everything you do quickly becomes unraveled again."

If you couldn't make it, or just want to listen again, here is the link below.  I highly recommend taking a few minutes to sit at her feet as she encourages and reminds us to do all for the glory of God!

Still need to register?  It's FREE!


  1. Mine never connected. It just said "waiting on host." :( Thank you for making a recording available!

  2. Oh No! I'm not sure what could have happened. Wrong link? Wrong time?
    Will you be able to join us tomorrow?

    Kristen from Created to be... HIS ( will be speaking on "Rejoicing in who God created me to be"